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HELP WANTED - BONNER'S FERRY Companion/Caretaker for 36-year...

HELP WANTED - BONNER'S FERRY Companion/Caretaker for 36-year old Male with Disability Hello! Our family is looking for a companion/caretaker for my brother, who has developmental delays. We are looking for an energetic, kind, patient, and conversational person to spend time with him for 4 to 6 hours per week. The goal is to increase his social and life skills. My brother is a lovely, kind, hard-working person; he enjoys music, shopping, his job, and, most of all, conversation. Pay is $12 per hour, cash, with possibility for a raise after 2-month trial period. No prior experience necessary. Must be ok with cigarette smoke. Hours: Two days per week for 2 or 3 hours each day. Mainly, you would be helping (and driving) my brother to run his errands and for social outings in the community to library, shop, etc. The days would be flexible but we are looking for someone to come consistently two days per week without frequent cancellations. Terms of employment: Two or three "training" shifts where my mom (with whom he resides) will accompany you on outings to show you our way of doing things. This is a one-on-one position (i.e. the staff person will not bring children or other family while working). We ask that staff do not use their cell phone during work, except for emergencies. Must pass criminal background check (we are reasonable and do not discriminate for some non-violent offenses). Lastly, we are looking for more than someone to "supervise" we want a person who enjoys activities and will engage fully during the shifts. Work hard, play hard, is our motto! If you are hard-working, enjoy conversation, and have a driver's license, we would love to meet you. Sense of humor mandatory. Please email Tara the following if you are interested: 1) Do you have a valid DL? 2) Any allergies/discomfort with cigarette smoke? 3) Give an example of how you have managed a stressful situation that required a lot of patience. Personal or job experiences are both ok. 4) This job requires someone who is able to facilitate conversations well with my brother and with others in the community (waitresses, etc) when he has difficulty communicating. What are some topics of conversation that you might ask my brother to help him to talk about himself? 5) What town do you live in?

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