Letter to the Editor: Please stay home

| April 2, 2020 1:00 AM

Dear Ms. Bateman and Bonners Ferry,

I am writing this because of my experience and concerns for all of you. On Feb. 23 I flew from Spokane to Seattle, then to Omaha, Nebraska. Our daughter and four children live in Nelson, Nebraska. Population 450 people. She had called and said, “I need you mom.” When we get phone calls like that we go.

I was there for one week. I flew home on March 1, from Omaha to Minneapolis to Spokane. On March 4, three days later I was sick. Upper respiratory infection with a sore throat and a cough that took my breath away. The next week I was at the doctors with a secondary sinus infection. I asked to be tested for the Coronavirus, but was told no since I was not running fever, or had chest congestion. There are people without symptoms at all who are infecting others.

I may not have had the virus, but I don’t know, and because I don’t know I stay home. The Governor has asked us to stay home. I live on Chinook. The traffic has not slowed down much and I can see Highway 95/2 from my window, the traffic hasn’t slowed there either. The schools are closed as are the businesses in town. My husband is teaching from home.

Please hear me, the virus is in Sandpoint. We aren’t immune from this and to keep this from spreading we need to stay home. You are my friends and neighbors and church family. I love Bonners Ferry and all of you. Yesterday I received a phone call from my daughter. They may have been exposed to the Coronavirus. How do I go see her if she calls and says, “Mom I need you?” Please stay home and stay safe and well.

Liz Benage

Bonners Ferry