This country belongs to all of us

| August 20, 2020 1:00 AM

Love God, guns, family, freedom and your neighbor. Is this what you have done with the freedom that I and my fellow veterans have given to you?

Yes, you do have the right to express that opinion but, that’s all it is, an opinion!

Trump country ... this is not Trump’s country — it is ours! It belongs to each and every citizen who has made their home here in the United States of America ... The United States of America! To imply the statement that this country is in ownership of one individual (that is what I gather from your sign), is a clear sign of arrogance, ignorance and an implication of dictatorship. Hitler, Mussolini and Stalin all had similar visions. They, too, would control and even invoke imprisonment, capital punishment (death) for any person, persons, or groups that questioned their actions as leaders of a country. Not only, like the three individuals mentioned, did the president immediately surround himself with rich and legally powerful men shortly after being elected, he continues to build a wall of impenetrable defense — to keep that world he has created safe — and he uses people like to protect that world.

Where exactly in the Bible, or any other confession of spiritual faith supports that God and guns are in relationship to one another . Perhaps that was not your intention but, in combination, the words love God” and “guns” are contradictory to each other. As to the rest of the statement, I don’t have a problem with that, I served my country for 17 years as a U.S. Army veteran to support that one.

Now on to the rest of the billboard — go Badgers. I can only guess that this is in reference to the local Bonners Ferry High School team and not the nationally known football team in Wisconsin.

Either way, did you obtain their permission to place their logo on a politically biased sign?

Second legal issue: Is this sign on private property or does it set within the county easement area? If it is within the confines of the easement it could be considered “public property or restricted constraint use. Finally, do all of your neighbors agree with this political affiliation or, did you choose this for them?


Clark Fork