What are the implications on the COVID-19 denials?

| December 31, 2020 1:00 AM

In 11 months:

325,000 Americans are dead, millions have lost their jobs from the corona virus, and thousands suffer long term effects.

Yet, we have people who still deny that any of this is real.

When we hear, “it’s the flu," “it’s all a hoax,” “it’s all political,” “it’s an alibi for the coming economic collapse,” “we’re recalling governors for taking our freedom," we have to ask, what are the implications of those statements?

Do they actually not believe these people are dead?

Do they believe a world-wide hoax involving billions of people in 190 countries would intentionally destroy their own economies to fool everyone?

Do they think millions of doctors are liars?

Do they not believe there are NO hospital beds left for patients in some cities?

They say “Well, I haven’t seen any of it.” So, therefore it's not real, is it? That makes a lot of sense.

They say, “what about stroke and heart attacks?” as though these are somehow similar to a contagious disease. You don't catch a heart attack or stroke by eating at a restaurant or bar.

Can they not accept that when the President repeatedly dismisses the reality of this, he is lying?

When Sean Hannity and Tucker Carlson sneeringly and endlessly say it’s all nonsense, do they not see they are lying?

Are they that far gone as to have lost their ability to discern between truth and fallacy?

They have not spent one minute learning what this is about. Not one. They don't want to know.


Bonners Ferry