Letter to the Editor

February 6, 2020 1:00 AM

Education funding came up during a recent conversation with friends. Some supported funding our public schools, but others said they did not want to pay for something they did not use.

“They did not want to pay for something they did not use.” Please keep this in mind as I share this experience.

Two years ago I had my education epiphany. A close relative had a medical adventure. He and I found ourselves in the middle of that breakneck but smoothly organized response that follows when one complains of chest pains.

One of the nurses was a former student. Actually she was a former student twice. The first time we met was middle school science. The second time was college chemistry. When things calmed down, we talked and I learned how she became a nurse.

The path to nursing took many turns but along the way, there were adults who supported her education. It was her education that was making a difference the day of the medical adventure.

Whether it is the nurse or the physician who provides our healthcare or the mechanic who makes certain the car is running, we all depend on the education of others.

That day, I no longer had any doubt that education goes beyond personal use. It benefits all of us throughout our lives and that is why I support the “Invest in Idaho” initiative.

Mary Ollie

Bonners Ferry