Articles failed to tell the complete story

| July 16, 2020 1:00 AM

Two front-page articles in the July 9, 2020, Bonners Ferry Herald, “Residents criticize city on vision statement” and “Fourth of July parade rolls on,” both written by staff writer Victor Martinez, were in part misleading and lack a full, accurate reporting.

The first piece failed to include the only actual city residents who spoke on this issue voiced support for the city’s vision statement. The other three, non-city residents, sadly included two faith leaders, pastors Henry Yoder and Warren Campbell. Pastor Yoder’s personal intolerance incorrectly spoke for the entire ministerial association.

The second article might have mentioned a darker side of what looks like a carefree parade. Threats were made to our city attorney and her family by those in the parade simply for explaining permit requirements. People cried tyranny and government abuse believing they deserved special entitlement and called this a “protest” parade. The parade participants thanked the police for service they refused to pay for by not filing for a permit. City residents might be interested in knowing if law enforcement donated their time or if city taxpayers are left with the bill.


Bonners Ferry