Roots of religious intolerence being established in community

| July 30, 2020 1:00 AM

Last Tuesday evening, July 21, I joined a number other people in attending the City Council meeting where the city’s relatively new (the vision statement was only adopted in 2019) vision statement was discussed.

On Thursday, July 23, I read the report in the Herald and was disappointed to see what seems to be a coordinated disinformation effort by the Boundary County Human Rights Task Force, the mayor and City Council, as well as the local media.

In the article written by Victor Corral Martinez, there are direct quotes from three individuals in favor of the statement. Two of those quotes came from members of the task force and the other from councilwoman Val Thompson. The only direct quote from someone in opposition was from Pastor Warren Campbell (though numerous others including myself spoke in opposition).

Additionally Mr. Martinez was careful to mention the number of letters and emails in favor of the statement while avoiding mentioning any numbers relating to the amount of opposition. The effect of such reporting is to tip the scales toward the side of those in favor by giving the reader the impression that the community is either equally divided over the issue or that there are more in favor than in opposition which doesn’t coincide with what one observes in our community or what I observed at the meeting on Tuesday evening.

In the name of acceptance, justice, tolerance, and equality, the roots of religious persecution are being established right here in Bonners Ferry.


Bonners Ferry