Scripture instructs us to follow God, obey those governing us

| July 30, 2020 1:00 AM

Dear City Council,

My name is Charlie Frederico. I am the teaching pastor at Grace Bible Fellowship in Bonners Ferry. I was at the meeting on Tuesday evening, but I did not have opportunity to speak. I noticed that many speakers had referenced the Bible and Jesus Christ in their statements. In some ways, I was embarrassed by some and how they misrepresented Christ. I watched your expressions. You patiently put up with the statements that were given, and that is commendable.

The Scripture instructs us to submit to those governing over us as they are put there by God for His purpose. As far as our subjection to governing leaders, whether a single leader knows God, or not, is irrelevant. In fact, whether there are “Christian-based” laws in the community, or not, is irrelevant. As a church, we will submit to you in hopes that you might come to know Christ and His truth and that we might be able to continue to worship unhasseled (1 Timothy 2:1-4). Yet, where we are asked, or expected, to disobey God and His Word, we cannot comply but will remain faithful to Christ.

As a church, we will continue to obey our Lord and work hard to call all people, no matter their sins, to repentance and submission to the Lord Jesus Christ. We will gladly proclaim His Word at every opportunity.

Thank you for your time.


Bonners Ferry