Bonners Ferry does not cast stones or build walls

| June 4, 2020 1:00 AM

On May 21, Warren Campbell, minister of the Lordship Church, attended a meeting sponsored by the John Birch Society where he challenged the city of Bonners Ferry’s vision statement. His need to make this challenge shows he has not been in this community long.

Our city does not cast stones or build walls. It is important for you, Mr. Campbell, to understand that 140 years of the kind acceptance of all people is at the very heart and soul of this city and you will not change that. If you can’t accept this beautiful concept, maybe Bonners Ferry is not a good fit for you as your views of how to respect its citizens do not align.

Heather Scott also attended the same meeting. She informed the crowd to pull their children out of public school. Please remember this November she will not work to support much needed state funding for our school district in Boundary County.


Bonners Ferry