Do we control the government or does it control us?

| June 18, 2020 1:00 AM

“The virus is real and it’s not socialism,” claim the socialists. Whether or not it’s real is beside the point.

A virus does not trump liberty or allow for the suspension of the Constitution. The right to own a business is a God-given right guaranteed by the U.S. and State Constitution, as is religious freedom. Debate all you want as to whether the governor’s actions are socialistic but the bottom line is it violates the liberty of the people.

There are only two forms of government under which all mankind must live — one that the people control, or one that controls the people. The primary purpose of the “plandemic” was to enforce control over the people.

Event 201 which took place in October 2019 was a simulation exercise of what was to come — a government lockdown using a coronavirus. Bill Gates was heavily involved in this. Gates has been pushing for population reduction, vaccinations and digital ID for everyone. We are being told that if we get vaccinated and get a digital ID implant we will be able to get a job, buy necessities etc. And the president proposes to use the military to deliver the vaccine. Does this sound like a government that we control or one that controls us? For more detailed info. visit the New American website at Also read the article VI solution to big government.


Bonners Ferry