Boundary County government restricts physical access

| March 26, 2020 1:00 AM

Boundary County began restricting physical access of members of the public to government offices on March 20, and will continue until further notice.

According to Boundary County Public Information Officer, Andrew O’Neel, most public needs can still be accomplished either by mail, phone call, or email. People are encouraged to call or contact the appropriate office with any questions or to obtain assistance.

The following is a contact list for each county government office.

Treasurer Office: 208-267-3291 or

Assessor Office and Auto license: 208-267-3301 or

Clerk’s Office: 208-267-2242

Sheriff: 208-267-3151

Court: 208-267-5504

Jury Commissioner: 208-267-0924

Prosecutor: 208-267-7545

Extension services: 208-267-3235

Road and Bridge services: 208-267-3838 or

Probation: 208-267-7983

Parks and Recreation: 208-267-5130

Planning and Zoning; 208-267-7212 or

Commissioners: 208-267-7723 or

Veterans services: 208-267-8611 or 208-255-8882

Noxious Weeds: 208-267-5341

The government offices thank the community for understanding that this is in response to the evolving nature of COVID-19.