Share a story or a joke

by Mandi Bateman
Editor | March 29, 2020 5:10 PM

BONNERS FERRY — With the residents of the Boundary Community Hospital (BCH), Extended Care Facility / Nursing Home closed off from visitors during the COVID-19 pandemic, the staff is working hard to make that time fun for all.

Even though the Spring Celebration was cancelled, the staff decided to throw a Hawaiian Day for the residents since they had been looking forward to it.

“It was so much fun,” said BCH Marketing Director Lauren Kuczka. “We all wore our leis, and some of the nurses put on hula skirts, and they did the hula upstairs with the residents — and they got some of the residents to do hula hands.”

They also came up with the idea of “Tell me a story, Boundary County.”

“We are encouraging people to email stories and pictures, and feel good stuff, because we can’t take cards and things that are created, so we are doing this all virtually,” said Kuczka.

The nurses print out the stories and read them to the residents, bringing something from the outside to brighten their day. Most recently, they are also looking for ways to enjoy April Fools Day.

“We are looking for people to email nice, clean, positive jokes that we can share with the residents. Like knock-knock jokes or funny things,” said Kuczka. “Of course, all of us will get a kick out of it too.”

For people that are feeling bored during the stay home order, this is something that they can do from home to brighten the day of residents at the Extended Care Facility. Just break out the email and share a story.

“It is a good way to share,” said Kuczka.

Email stories and clean jokes to: