In support of Tim Bertling for county commissioner

| May 14, 2020 1:00 AM

Of the five candidates running on the Republican primary ballot for County Commissioner, District 2, four are long-time Boundary County residents. Of these four, two have invested a considerable amount of funds in advertising. They have sent flyers in the mail and one has ads running on the local radio station. The man running the radio ads has a campaign committee that is complete with chairman and treasurer. It is unusual for candidates to invest so much when running for a local position.

Most long-time residents know the candidates and have either already voted or they know how they will vote. I suspect that the two candidates that are overspending on advertising are targeting newer residents of the county.

If you are new to the county and are unaware of the qualifications of the candidates, I suggest that you talk to several of your local friends and neighbors. I believe that you will find that the majority of these people are supporting Tim Bertling. Honest and responsible, Tim Bertling is the best candidate to serve all of the citizens of Boundary County.


Bonners Ferry