Rep. Sage Dixon is the clear choice for District 1 seat

| May 14, 2020 1:00 AM

My family and I moved to Idaho in 2012, in part, to escape the leftist authoritarianism controlling Oregon.

We love Idaho, but are finding out that what we escaped is chasing us here.

Rep. Sage Dixon’s primary opponent sits on a school board that ran, and won, an election that put in place permanently a highly-inflated levy, while running on lower taxes. Further, he’s publicly shamed Rep. Dixon for requesting that a website urging Idahoans to report their fellow residents for “violations” of Gov. Little’s stay-at-home order be dismantled.

This is the same mindset from which we fled Oregon.

Rep. Dixon, on the other hand, works to lower property taxes, supports free speech and assembly, and secured grants for area schools.

While his opponent came on to my social media page, uninvited, and ridiculed those of us criticizing him for fighting in court to keep the permanent levy in place — and taking no responsibility for it — Rep. Dixon’s team helped us connect with our federal representative in an effort to help my husband’s business in this time of great need.

One of your choices for the District 1-B seat fights for higher taxation, believes “safety” trumps our economy, and ridicules his fellow Idahoans. The other is a man of integrity who will never present himself as something he’s not and places the needs of area residents and businesses first.

The choice is clear — vote Rep. Sage Dixon on your primary ballot.