Sage Dixon is the only true Republican choice

| May 14, 2020 1:00 AM

Spreading untruths about your opponent is the tool of those with no argument.

And that’s what the far-left supporters of Rep. Dixon’s primary opponent are doing by misrepresenting his voting record, cherry-picking his “no” vote on a poorly-written child-marriage bill, while purposefully ignoring his “yes” vote on a better bill prohibiting child-marriage.

Why would they misrepresent Dixon’s record?

Here’s why:

Rather than run on his record — including a permanent property tax increase via a levy ballot that omitted mandated cost disclosures — Dixon’s primary opponent is hypocritically promising property tax decreases, while simultaneously calling for more state-level school spending, an expenditure that’s already a major part of the state budget. Translation: not only will Bonner County property owners remain saddled with a permanent tax, under his plan we’d face either further tax hikes, a reduction in other services, or both.

All while people are losing jobs and homes to a crisis not of our making.

In contrast, Dixon has worked to lower taxes, champions area schools, small businesses, and our constitutional rights, all while displaying honesty and integrity as the District 1B legislator.

How you present yourself to your constituents reveals your character. And while his opponent presents himself as a conservative while fighting for tax increases, Rep. Dixon walks his talk.

Please vote Sage Dixon on your primary ballot.