We need Suppiger representing us in Idaho Legislature

| May 14, 2020 1:00 AM

Gary Suppiger is very well suited to represent District 1B and North Idaho in the Idaho House of Representatives. As a parent, as a business owner, as a volunteer in our schools, and as a member of LPOSD school board Gary has the breadth of knowledge and commitment that will make him an asset for North Idaho in Boise.

While each of the above is very important, I contend Gary’s long-standing commitment to the Math Club at Sagle Elementary is an example of his passion for education as well as his selfless dedication to those students. Gary has first-hand experience in our public schools, and I know he will transition that experience and commitment to his role as a state representative. Gary is fiscally conservative and as a business owner he knows the importance of a budget as well as the investment that pubic education is in our community and Idaho.

Please join me in voting for Gary Suppiger.