North Bench Flower Patch busy as it reopens

by Tonia Brooks
Staff Writer | May 21, 2020 1:00 AM

BONNERS FERRY — Whether it’s because more people are home due to stay-in-place recommendations, or simply because it’s spring and the community is ready to grow, there’s been a common theme at many nurseries and places that are selling garden plants, flowers, vegetable starts, etc.: Most of them have been struggling to keep up with sales.

The newly re-opened North Bench Flower Patch is a prime example of that trend.

“It’s been really busy, a lot of people are gardening this year because of all the virus and everything, people are stuck at home, so we have been selling out,” said Rebecca Byler, owner of North Bench Flower Patch.

The seasonal business began in 2010, though Byler said that they had closed it for a number of years.

“Eight years ago, we were out front in the old building on the corner,” Byler explained. “Since then, we have bought this property and have now only been open since May 1.”

The plants for sale at the North Bench Flower Patch come from wholesalers located in Spokane, Wash., and transported to the property with discounted pricing.

The mission statement found on the business’s Facebook page states, “Our goal is to provide beautiful, healthy plants for our customers, and to provide products and growing information that may be helpful to them.”

“We make new orders for more plants every week,” Byler said. “We start selling out before we get the new orders in.”

There is a wide variety of plants available at this time to include, but not limited to, geraniums, foxglove, petunias, roses, lilacs, ornamental grasses, fruiting bushes, lilies, and many different kinds of vegetable starts.

The North Bench Flower Patch is located at Three Mile Road junction of Highway 2 and Highway 95. They can be reached by calling 208-619-9910 or by visiting the Facebook page at North Bench Flower Patch.


Bedding plants, vegetables, trees, shrubs, flowers and a lot more is available at the newly reopened business.