Real pandemic facing country is the disease of lies

| May 28, 2020 1:00 AM

We have experienced the most egregious move to socialism and debt ever in our country’s history. Started under the direction of “conservativism” with the excuses of “protecting the people,” freedom and our constitutional republic is summarily dismissed as non-essential. The election laws have been circumvented, and the free, open gathering of people and candidates has been prevented.

Our civil leaders have promoted the lie by declaring counties and the state to be in a state of emergency, intending to pacify us with federal funds replacing work, duty, responsibility, freedom, and truth itself. The proverb that if you don’t work, you don’t eat is disregarded by those who think they are wiser than God.

The real pandemic we are having is the disease of lies. Governor Little and the nanny state have reached a new low. Regardless of mother Little’s intentions, he has declared war on liberty, reality, work, productivity, and a once-free people. It is far past time to stop dancing the four-step and never dance to Little’s dirge again.

We all will die of something. Death started with a lie; more lies only adds to the curse that can only be cured by the truth.

Quarantine those with serious contagious disease, not the healthy. Life has a risk, and that risk is far more palatable than lies, socialism, and slavery.


Bonners Ferry