Call on officials to support National Popular Vote Bill

| November 12, 2020 1:00 AM

It's time to fix the outdated Electoral College system so that everyone's vote truly counts in presidential elections.

When we vote for every other office, the candidate who gets the most votes wins. It should be the same for president. But winner-take-all laws in what have become "crucial" states resulted in five of our presidents to come into office without winning the most popular votes nationwide.

A lot of us have fumed about this for years. Now some folks have written a bill to correct this problem. Fifteen states so far have passed the bill in their state legislatures. The National Popular Vote Bill will enable individual states to prioritize each of their citizens' votes and bring equal focus to every state in the union without amending our constitution.

Please join me in telling our Idaho legislators we need them to enact the National Popular Vote Bill.


Bonners Ferry