Sage Dixon is a statesman, not a politician

| October 1, 2020 1:00 AM

There are those who enter office not to keep the promises they make their constituents in order to get elected, but to gain power and prestige and the various perks that come along with it. You know the ones; they’re all over D.C. pretending to care about us every election cycle.

And then there are true public servants who honor the commitments they make during election season, and respect their constituents whom they regard as their employers.

Sage Dixon is one such statesman.

You won’t see Rep. Dixon all over social media touting his achievements and patting himself on the back. No, he quietly goes about his work, sans fireworks and streamers, of furthering freedom for all of us, and doing whatever he can to grow our economy, champion school choice and innovation, protect our constitutional rights, and see to it that our voices — often overlooked down south — are heard in Boise.

Representatives like Dixon are few and far between, and when one comes along, we should support and reward their efforts at preserving our freedoms: from free speech, to the right to self-defense, to the protection of property and privacy rights, Rep. Dixon has fought to keep government small and unobtrusive.

And that’s why I ask that you cast your vote to re-elect Sage Dixon — a statesman; not a politician — on November 3rd.