Militia groups pose ever-increasing concerns

| October 8, 2020 1:00 AM

Please read Timothy’s Sept. 3, 2020, guest opinion in the Bonner Ferry Herald.

As a Native Idahoan with family and friends from the north of the state to the south, I have grave concerns for the safety and well being of Idaho citizens from ever increasing numbers of militia groups, their threatening presence and rhetoric especially over the past four years.

Timothy is a professor of history and nonviolence. As you will read he has carefully researched and referenced Idaho law and the Idaho Constitution prohibiting organized vigilantism and forbidding private militias from operating outside state authority. He summarizes the BLM protest here in Idaho and Nationally, and the illegal and dangerous presence of militia allowed and sometimes invited by our elected officials. Finally he poses the question - what can we do as citizens to promote safety in our Idaho communities?

Considering the upcoming elections and the increasing threats and rhetoric from increasing numbers of militias, I feel all our citizens across Idaho should be given the opportunity to become acutely aware of provisions in the Idaho Constitution and Law limiting and forbidding certain activities and operations of private militias.


Bonners Ferry