People weary of pacifists bullying everyone

| October 15, 2020 1:00 AM

People are tired of being bullied by pacifists. Current trends have taught us that modern pacifists are simply con-artists utilizing ideology to burn our cities down.

I disagree that U.S. history is marked by a struggle towards full-democracy, since expressly by design, full democracy was never the goal. The U.S. political system is the story of American efforts to maximize individual liberty, while avoiding the inevitability of mob rule. We have and continue to achieve this goal, made apparent from the exhaustive list provided by Mr. Braatz.

The motif of cultural/political con-artists like Mr. Braatz, mocking and demeaning the groups they proclaim to fight for, is common today. Every success by the black community is marred by the incessant self-aggrandizing voice of people like him; people who humble themselves in the fight for inequality, the way the rich humble themselves with charity.

James Madison warned Americans of people with Mr. Braatz’s character in Federalist No. 10, when discussing the danger of factions. People, whether a majority or a minority, who are driven by passion or of interest that are adverse to the rights of citizens, or the aggregate interests of the community.

I only ask that you don’t take Mr. Braatz seriously. If you want to be a champion of true equality just remember; love your neighbor, be honest, and do good things. We are not guilty for the sins of the father, don’t become burdened with ridiculous notions of perceived historical traumas.


Moyie Springs