The hypocrisy of science denial

| October 29, 2020 1:00 AM

Since last February when the COVID-19 virus was identified, we have witnessed an endless stream of what some call “controversy,” what others call a “hoax” or “a product of fake news."

Absolutely no one in the scientific community uses these adjectives to describe the pandemic, as those words are the the domain of those who cannot understand science itself.  History is full with examples of how a population uses disparaging terms to attack that which they do not understand, whether that be evolution, racial issues, economic data, food production, climate change or the pandemic.

This selective dismissal of science is hypocrisy at its very best. Americans don’t reject the expertise of their doctor or dentist or pharmacist or computer tech or those who produce our food and electricity — but if you are a chemist or atmospheric scientist or epidemiologist, suddenly you are under attack as being phony or incompetent or liberally biased.

The endless and tired comments like “climate has always been changing” and “COVID has only killed 6,000 people” are baseless and willfully ignorant statements, usually made by people who not only don't understand the science behind these topics, they often don't know what the word "science" even means. The right attacks science because it conflicts with their ideas,  but they ignore the fact that science has brought us virtually everything we have, and the moment the truth becomes uncomfortable, it is rejected.


Bonners Ferry