GUEST OPINION: Seasonal arguments

| September 10, 2020 1:00 AM

Fall is coming! For me personally, this is the time of year that I get completely energized: chilly evenings, bright, crisp days, and beautiful colors dappling the landscape as far as you can see. And, I won’t lie, I’m thankful that hot weather is dissipating.

I have found that not everyone feels the same way. There’s a running dispute between my employees about what temperature is appropriate to wear long sleeves in, and whether or not it’s sacrilegious to listen to Christmas music in July.

As a local shop owner, I hear everyone’s opinion on weather, all the time. (After all, the standard small-talk conversation is about weather, right?) Sometimes I revel with like-minded souls as we share our love of hoodies, pajamas, and all things autumn. Other times, I have to hold my tongue while someone bemoans the end of swimsuit weather and the advent of that dreaded season of Pumpkin Spice. Funny how a little thing like the outside temperature can get people so emotional.

Also, as a purveyor of children’s clothing who focuses on seasonal wear, I have found that there are two kinds of people: The first kind are the ones who come scouting for boots and snow bibs the first week of August. Sometimes, there is genuine annoyance or panic that snow gear is not for sale yet. Each child must be fully outfitted for sub-zero temperatures by the first day of school.

The second kind of people are those who come dashing in the day of the first blizzard, realizing that their kids’ snowboots are too small and the pants are now highwaters.

Personally, I love the four seasons that North Idaho is blessed with (even though my favorites are the colder ones!) Each season gets its chance to shine in its full glory, unique and distinct from its counterparts.

I’ve lived in places where the four seasons just run all together, and sometimes it’s hard to tell if daffodils are blooming because spring is here, or because January had a hot flash and is going to freeze again in a week. I’m from the East Coast — don’t complain to me about yo-yo weather here in North Idaho. I promise you it’s not even in the same reality system.

My thoughts for those who are dreading the autumnal onslaught: Enjoy the moment! Easier said than done for a summer lover, I know. I agree that I’m biased in this, but there’s so much to love! If the rainbow of colors from the landscape isn’t enough to bring you joy, consider the impending disappearance of yellow jackets and mosquitoes.

If hoodies and boots aren’t your thing, think of all that time you’ll be saving not slathering on sunscreen. Fruit and veggie harvests may take a while in the fall, but think of all that yummy, healthy food you’re saving for the rest of the year. There’s always something to smile about, even if you have to hunt for it, so happy fall, everyone!!

• • •

Nancy Croll is a representative of the Bonners Ferry Chamber of Commerce and co-owner of Boundary Consignments.