Friday, April 16, 2021

Tuesday's trouble - week 27

by D
| April 1, 2021 1:00 AM

Lil Jimenez got high scratch game 193 and high handicap game 270.

Elaine Wheeler got second high scratch game 189, second high scratch series 450 and second high handicap game 254.

Kathy Konek got third high scratch game 181, third high scratch series 447, third high handicap game 252 and third high handicap series 660.

Donna Nystrom got high scratch series 479 and high handicap series 701.

Regina Colby got second high handicap series 662.

The Strong Elms (Lil Jimenez, Regina Colby, Kathy Konek) took it all: high scratch game 484, high scratch series 1292, high handicap game 713 and high handicap series 1999.

The Willows (Evelyn Smith, Elaine Wheeler, Jeanne Osborn) got second high scratch game 425, second high scratch series 1188, second high handicap game 654 and second high handicap series 1875.

The Cedars (Zetta Graupner, Donna Nystrom, Helen Heritage) got third high scratch game 403, third high scratch series 1156 and third high handicap series 1849.

The Mighty Oaks (Virginia Sanborn, Donna Kent, Dolores Sweet) got third high handicap game 641.

Turkeys were bowled by Donna Nystrom, kathy Konek, Jeanne Osborn and Elaine Wheeler. Doubles were bowled by Lil Jimenez, Kathy Konek, Jeanne Osborn, Elaine Wheeler and Donna Kent got two and Donna Nystrom got three.

The only split was converted by Carolyn McNeill (5-10).