Monday, March 08, 2021

Misinformation being spread on former president is disappointing

| February 4, 2021 1:00 AM

I am so disappointed that the Herald is allowing the liberals to put in the paper misinformation bashing President Trump and his supporters for which the liberals are responsible for everything they blame on the conservatives.

There is overwhelming proof that President Trump is the best president in our history with his hundreds of accomplishments, his big heart and love for our country. And he is hated for it.

The mainstream media has destroyed our country with their lies about President Trump because they can't control him and he beat their queen. The very evil, hateful liberals stole the election with mountains of evidence. Biden is not a legal president.

The FBI has so far proven that the Capitol riot was a setup planned days prior to Trump's peaceful and patriotic rally. The liberals and the liberal-funded antifa are responsible for the riot and the deaths.

They knew the world would demonize and shame President Trump before the truth came out about the evil liberals totally responsible for their despicable act.

People like Elsie Hollenbeck should do some research before they submit such an article that is full of lies. CNN, 60 Minutes and others in the mainstream news and their fact checkers and the hateful liberals have been lying to the American people for years and have been inciting violence, not Trump.

There was one letter to the letter in the Jan. 21 issue. You should have a letter from both sides which will prove the truth from the conservative side.

What happened to our nice little conservative town of Bonners Ferry? Is the Herald catering to all the new people moving in from liberal states? These are the people that are dividing our country and voted for communism. Liberals never take responsibility for anything including stealing the election. Now the liberal Congress has proposals to make it impossible for Republicans to ever win another election.

We are losing our country. How sad.


Bonners Ferry