Monday, March 08, 2021

Duke's Claybusters - Week 5

by Lonny Jelinek
| February 11, 2021 1:00 AM

The “Duke’s Claybusters” youth high school trap team overtook the Spangle Youth Team by eight targets in the fifth week, 473 over 465 for 1st place in the Spokesman Review Team Division out of twenty-two teams throughout the Inland Empire. The Claybusters are also still in First place in the Big Sky-I Net Youth Division after five weeks.

Feb. 6 and 7 they shot the sixth week with a total of 4-23s, for a total of 92/100 in very cold and windy weather.

The top 16-yard scores were broken by Cassidy Underhill, Colin Fairchild, Seth Rice and 13 year old Zadok Steffen, all 23/25.

Kamen Nelson broke 21/25 for high handicap and high 16-yard/ handicap total was Colin Fairchild with a 42/50.

In the Camas Prairie youth competition of 16-yard scores of 75 total each week, the Claybusters are in third place in the fifth week which lasts 10 weeks total. The Spokesman and Big Sky only last eight weeks.

The community can be very proud of these students competing in this cold and windy winter weather with such good scores.

The majority of the over-the-hill gang didn’t fare too well this week (6), as the wind wasn’t our friend on Sunday.

The high score was Wally Dinning 24/25 from the 16-yard, plus 18 handicap, with a total score of 42/50 to win A-Class.

Ron Campbell took B-Class with a 34/50.

We had 10 shooters in the Annie Oakleys with the young lady Kristie Campbell taking advantage of us older shooters with her version of “Shoot The Boys Out.”

Shoot Safely and Keep your powder dry.