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Bill passes House, would deny discriminating against unvaccinated

Staff Writer | February 23, 2021 11:45 AM

BOISE — The Idaho House of Representatives conducted a third reading of House Bill No. 140 and passed the bill, which would add a new chapter to Title 44 specifying that employers or companies that contract with the state of Idaho shall not discriminate against unvaccinated persons.

The bill passed with 49 “Ayes” and 21 “Nays” House Bill No. 140 will now be sent to the Senate to be debated and read.

Rep. Heather Scott and Rep. Sage Dixon both voted in favor of the bill.

A bill is passed by a majority of those present. When a bill passes in one house it is then transmitted to the other house where it will follow a similar path. If a bill fails to pass, it is filed in the office of the Chief Clerk or Secretary of the Senate depending on the house of origin.

“‘Discrimination against unvaccinated persons’ means a company or employer maintaining a policy of subjecting any employee to termination or refusal to hire, failure to promote, reassignment with significantly different responsibilities, a reduction in pay, or a significant change in benefits on the basis of such employee's vaccination records or because such employee refuses to be vaccinated against any illness or disease because of a medical contraindication or for reasons of conscience, including religious or philosophical beliefs.”


Dixon speaking at the end of House orders on Feb. 23 2021.

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