Tuesday's Trouble

| January 5, 2021 9:54 AM

Donna Kent got high scratch game 165, high scratch series 460, second high handicap game 232 and high handicap series 661.

Alice VanGundy got second high scratch game 161.

Elaine Wheeler got third high scratch game 151 and third high scratch series 407.

Michelle Sweet got second high scratch series 410.

Virginia Sanborn got high handicap game 241 and second high handicap series 650.

Evelyn Smith got third high handicap game 227.

Dolores Sweet got third high handicap series 642.

The Aspen (Alice VanGundy, Carolyn McNeill, Elaine Wheeler) got high scratch game 440, high scratch series 1205, second high handicap game 633 and third high handicap series 1784.

The Mighty Oaks (Virginia Sanborn, Donna Kent, Dolores Sweet) got second high scratch game 405, second high scratch series 1131, high handicap game 679 and high handicap series 1953.

The Strong Elms (Lil Jimenez, Regina Colby, Kathy Konek) got third high scratch game 389, third high scratch series 1084, third high handicap game 623 and second high handicap series 1786.

Elaine Wheeler got the only turkey. Doubles were bowled by Michelle Sweet, Alice VanGundy, Elaine Wheeler, Dolores Sweet and Kathy Konek.

Donna Kent was the only one to pick up a split (5-7-9).