So much for 'God Bless America'

| January 14, 2021 1:00 AM

Concerning the shooting of an unarmed female veteran protester in the neck by a Capitol Police officer, the reason given was, "he had no other choice." That reason seems to have satisfied any media concern as there has been no more said about the incident.

When 70-plus million people in the United States watched Trump take a tremendous lead in the polls on election night, and then watch the count come to a stop, and then after the silent, stopped, hours come back with an enormous jump in Biden over Trump with no explanation or even a hint of concern with "what the heck just happened," then in proper ways, investigations were begun. The people waited. Proper procedures and lawsuits were filed. No answers were ever given; no judge and court would even consider or listen.

So when one can no longer have their concerns taken care of in court, or even listened to, and on top of that, totally ignored then I say, the Capitol protesters had no other choice left to get a hearing, let alone justice. And they didn't shoot, and they didn't burn, and they didn't siege; nor did they establish a "Female Veteran Lives Matter" club over the killing incident.

Democracy was not attacked, the country was not attacked, the Capitol was not attacked, and freedom was not attacked. The enemies: of democracy, the country, the Capitol, and freedom were protested in a way to get what the courts could have but would not do.

So now in the land of the free we are blessed with being the land who murders the unborn, the land that discourages success, the land that tramples on truth, and the land with a stinky, big, growing swamp.