Friday, July 30, 2021

Eric Marti facing criminal rape charges

Staff Writer | January 20, 2021 3:45 PM

BONNERS FERRY — In a criminal complaint filed by Boundary County Detective Caleb Watts on Dec. 8, the complaint alleges two counts of rape against Eric Steven Marti.

The first count alleges penetration of a female who was 16-years-old at the time of the incident; According to the report, the defendant was 26-years-old during the first count of rape that occurred from March to October.

The second count alleges another rape encounter on Halloween, Oct. 31.

In the criminal complaint report, “Complainant therefore prays that said Defendant, Eric Steven Marti, be dealt with according to law.”

On Jan. 15, the preliminary hearing was waived. If the state can show that Marti probably committed the crime, he will be required to appear in District Court to enter a plea to charges.

Marti will answer to the District Court of First Judicial District of the State of Idaho for violating statute 18-6101.

An arraignment in District Court will be on Feb. 3, 2021, at 9 a.m. in front of presiding Judge Barbara A. Buchanan.