Monday, March 08, 2021

Health measures are proven science, not fake news

| January 28, 2021 1:00 AM

Senator Jim Woodward and Senator Carl Crabtree:

We are 45 year residents in Bonner County, Idaho. The pandemic has taken many lives here, and so many more in Kootenai County. We are in our late 70s in age, and have yet to receive the vaccination program. It's hard to stay out of crowds when going to purchase a week's groceries. So far we have not contracted the coronavirus — while several friends and neighbors are not so fortunate. We support Governor Brad Little's responsible use of the emergency measures, like those throughout this nation and worldwide.

I hope you understand the well established facts: While not 100% perfect, masks, social distancing, and vaccinations are proven to be effective in reducing this virus threat to health and life. That is why the measures are practiced all over this nation and in hundreds of other nations. It is not "fake news" but proven science.

If you do understand the effectiveness of the health measures declared by our governor, and yet oppose the governor's emergency health declarations in the name of "personal freedom" politics, perhaps personal freedoms in Idaho would be more effectively served without attacking life-saving health measures. For example you might try promoting racial equality, simplifying  of building code restrictions, etc, rather than blocking life-saving emergency health measures.