Monday, June 21, 2021

Tuesday's trouble - annual Idaho bowling tournament

| May 13, 2021 1:00 AM

The ladies of Tuesday’s Trouble went to Coeur d’Alene April 10 and 11 to participate in the annual Idaho bowling tournament. The Four Sunshines (Michelle Sweet, Virginia Sanborn, Donna Lunsford, Dolores Sweet) placed 11th in the team event.

The B Doubles Handicapped:

Donna Nystrom and Kathy Konek placed 6th and Donna Lunsford and Dolores Sweet placed 31st.

The B Singles Handicapped consisted of 219 bowlers:

Michelle Sweet placed 11th, Virginia Sanborn placed 12th, Donna Lunsford placed 26th, Gail Thompson placed 29th, Evelyn Smith placed 34th and Helen Heritage placed 40th.

All Events Hanidcapped B:

Virginia Sandborn placed 3rd.

Senior All Events B Handicapped:

Virginia Sanborn placed 1st, Alice VanGundy placed 5th, Kathy Konek placed 6th and Gail Thompson placed 15th.

Team event scores:

Alice VanGundy, scratch game 482 and handicap game 676.

Virginia Sanborn, handicap game 702.

Kathy Konek, scratch game 407.

Michelle Sweet, scratch game 396.

Lil Jimenez, handicap game 647.


Donna Nystrom and Kathy Konek, scratch game 858 and handicap game 1313.

Lil Jimenez and Helen Heritage, scratch game 767 and handicap game 1260.

Michelle Sweet and Virginia Sanborn, scratch game 686.

Donna Lunsford and Dolores Sweet, handicap game 1237.

Scores and ranking between the four teams sent to the AIBT:

The Four Sunshines (Michelle Sweet, Virginia Sanborn, Donna Lunsford, Dolores Sweet) got second high scratch game 1423 and high handicap game 2531.

The 9B Bowlers (Alice VanGundy, DaVonna Cada, Carolyn McNeill, Gail Thompson) got high scratch game 1460 and second high handicap game [score omitted].

The Lucky Strikes (Evelyn Smith, Lil Jimenez, Helen Heritage, Peggy Howard SUB) got fourth high scratch game 1334 and third high handicap game 2307.

The Pin Pals (Donna Kent, Tamie Patzer, Donna Nystrom, Kathy Konek) got third high scratch game 1345 and fourth high handicap game 2267.