Thursday, December 02, 2021

Who's running for lieutenant governor?

| November 25, 2021 1:00 AM

Don't let our Idaho be dismantled. We are one election away from becoming completely influenced by federal and private targeted money. Learn and speak up.

Running for lieutenant governor in Idaho is a knowledgeable, honest and worthy candidate, Priscilla Giddings. Her experience includes being a fighter pilot and a conservative Idaho State representative. In 2020, she voted 100% by the Idaho Index. Its function helps people know how to be accountable for how they vote.

However, Speaker Scott Bedke, a RINO, is running against her by smearing his opponent, Priscilla Giddings. Though she did nothing wrong, Mr. Bedke took her to the Ethics Committee (headed by Sage Dixon) to censure her. Sage has been receiving money from Big Pharma, and many other big business friends. Mr. Bedke has also contributed heavily to Sage Dixon's reelection campaign.

The swamp wants to silence ethical people and conduct our state with corruption. Do you want us to be like California, New York and Illinois, run by unethical bureaucrats?

Protect our sovereignty and freedom. Learn about our candidates, who are

honest, and who are not — before it's time to vote.


Bonners Ferry