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Extended deadline nears for filing income tax returns

| October 7, 2021 1:00 AM

Time is running out to file your 2020 Idaho income tax return. The Idaho State Tax Commission says taxpayers who qualified for an automatic extension to file must send in their return and full payment by Oct. 15.

“We expect to receive about 50,000 individual income tax returns in October,” said Tax Commission Chairman Jeff McCray. “That’s in addition to the 921,000 returns we’ve received so far this year.”

Idaho law allows you to avoid a penalty for filing a late return if you have an extension, but you’ll still owe 2% interest on any tax due that you didn’t pay by May 17, the original Idaho income tax due date.

You can file your income tax return electronically, and you might qualify to prepare and file it online for free. Visit to learn more.

You also can pay taxes electronically through The free Quick Pay option at lets you make a payment without creating a special account.

If you qualify for Idaho’s tax rebate, you’ll receive the rebate after the Tax Commission has processed your 2020 tax return. The sooner you file the return, the sooner you’ll get the rebate.

If you have questions:

• Visit

• Call 208-334-7660 in the Boise area or toll free at 800-972-7660

• Stop by a Tax Commission office. Go to to find an office near you.

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