Sunday, September 19, 2021

A “word” to the wise …

| September 2, 2021 1:00 AM

Enough. There has been a growing, and very opinionated, band of the American public that has stepped over the line of ethical human behavior. More and more the general public has been inundated with flags and banners that is protected by the First Amendment.

However, when your display of profanity is in plain view because you are making your – protected opinion, you are infringing on my right as a taxpaying citizen of this country to object to a vulgar display of words. Of course, I am talking of the “F&$ Biden and f&$ those who voted for him” flag that is become prevalent at homes, in the beds of pickup trucks and establishments across the country.

What does this teach our children? Do you openly use that phrase in your home? Children, of any age, especially young, impressionable minds, will repeat what they hear. If your 8-year-old came home and announced their opinion in that manner, using those very words, would you discipline them? I know, from being present at several social gatherings, that, that kind of language would not be tolerated — period.

Do you have that right to express your opinion using extreme profanity, yes you do. Be aware, the next generation is watching how we behave and the words we chose to use. There may be a time and place where certain words are used to emphasize a point but, can we not use them in public. Even the former President didn’t curse on TV.


Clark Fork