Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Government has no business mandating vaccine

| September 23, 2021 1:00 AM

In response to the post of Daniel Strayer (Bonners Ferry Herald, Sept. 16).  

I found it interesting that your article was posted on the same page as Senator Mike Crapo's "A few thoughts on our Constitution". In that article he writes "We have an extraordinary system, outlined in the Constitution, which promises Americans basic principles of individual rights and freedoms, limited government, and rule of law." To your point our freedoms of limited use of cell phones, speed limits, and seatbelts, are not quite the same as getting a vaccine. When you get out of your car you are able to use your cell phone and the seatbelt is no longer an issue. One can see that excessive speed limits are dangerous. The vaccine is permanent. Once taken there is no reversal. I have had the measles and the mumps. My children did have these vaccines, but there is a 25-year difference. Enough time to get some proof of validity.

On the issue of Fox News, most of the moderators have had the vaccine. They are just saying that government has no business mandating it. Fox creates a balance of views, the other side, CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC are not lax on giving out misinformation.

How many more of unvetted vaccines will we need? Would it benefit us to be testing if we have immunity? Those who have had the vaccine or COVID, should be safe.


Bonners Ferry