Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Thoughts on individualism versus collectivism

| September 23, 2021 1:00 AM

I would like to offer a counter view to Mr. Strayer’s letter (Bonners Ferry Herald, Sept. 16).

He insinuates that we are ignorant and calls us anti-vaxxers. But our differences are ideological. Individualists believe that the rights of the individual must not be obliterated by the desires of the collective. The collectivist believes that the group is more important than the single person within it, and that the individual must be sacrificed, if necessary, for the greater good of the greater number. The collectivist idolizes government as the mechanism to solve all problems. He turns to the coercion of government force, i.e. fascism, marxism, socialism, totalitarianism, etc., to establish their goals and agenda.

A nationwide compulsory vaccine mandate for every citizen flies directly in the face of our Constitution. We are endowed by our Creator with specific unalienable rights. Our Founding Fathers in their infinite wisdom established our form of government where every citizen would be blessed with continued freedom, security and happiness. This includes the right to choose whether to take an experimental vaccine or not. God bless our constitutional republic and our freedom of choice.


Bonners Ferry