Tuesday, October 04, 2022

We must stand up against attacks on libraries

| August 25, 2022 1:00 AM

“Boundary County Library’s Future in Question” by Emily Bonsant provides an accurate description of the attacks on libraries going on across our country.

It ought to concern all of us as the attacks on our public libraries and censorship are attacks on our First Amendment rights.

Those attacking libraries and promoting censorship are not protecting children as that is the job of parents. What they are doing is promoting authoritarianism where the state becomes the nanny. The state tells us what we can and cannot read, think, and discuss.

Promoting authoritarianism is disguised as religion. That’s clever as who wants to confront religion?

Let’s go there. The Boundary County Library Board recall group like similar groups across the country, operate on a shared sense of persecution. Translation: In order for me to practice my religion, you can’t practice your religion because when you practice your religion, it violates my religious beliefs.

It is essential we send a strong message that those who attack our libraries and promote censorship are free to practice their religion. However, they are not free to violate our Constitution or our laws.


Bonners Ferry

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