Thursday, May 26, 2022

Kathy Konek takes it all in Tuesday's Troubles

by DOLORES SWEET Columnist
| January 20, 2022 1:00 AM

The Tuesday’s Troubles have finished 16 weeks of bowling.

Kathy Konek took it all. High scratch game 202, high scratch series 529, high handicap game 271 and high handicap series 736. Donna Kent got second high scratch game 184 and third high handicap game 253. Tamie Patzer got third high scratch game 170, third high scratch series 445, second high handicap game 263 and second high handicap series 724. Jeanne Osborn got second high scratch series 470. Gail Thompson got third high handicap series 662.

The Blue Bells (Kathy Konek, Carolyn McNeill, Tamie Patzer) took it all for the teams. High scratch game 528, high scratch series 1408, high handicap game 759 and high handicap series 2101. The Lady Slippers (Evelyn Smith, Donna Nystrom Jeanne Osborn) got second high scratch game 466, second high scratch series 269, second high handicap game 696 and second high handicap series 1959. The Luppines (Alice VanGundy, DaVonna Cada, Gail Thompson) got third high scratch game 422, third high scratch series 1234, third high handicap game 660 and third high handicap series 1918.

Doubles were bowled by Zetta Graupner, Donna Lunsford, DaVonna Cada, Nina Saunders, Alice VanGundy 2, Donna Kent 2, Donna Nystrom 2, Kathy Konek 3, and Tamie Patzer 5.

Splits were converted by Gail Thompson 2-7 twice, Evelyn Smith 4-5 and Jeanne Osborn 5-6.