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From the Archives Jul 7, 2022

| July 7, 2022 1:00 AM

In this week's column of "This Week in History," under the "15 Years Ago" section, it states:

"Boulder Creek Academy students and their teacher painted a beautiful mural on the back wall of the Museum. They were sponsored by the Academy and the Boundary County Historical Society."

The planning and painting of the mural occurred between May and September 2007. The mural became a place where many visitors stood to take their vacation photos when coming to Boundary County.

In April 2015, cracks were found in the back wall of the museum; and it was discovered the back wall had sunk 6-8 inches. After review of the situation, it was apparent the wall needed to be removed. Demolition began in the fall. Construction of the new wall was started in March 2016. The museum lost indoor exhibit space, however, it gained outdoor exhibit space.

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