Thursday, August 18, 2022

Library recall movement is wrong

| July 21, 2022 1:00 AM

In 1919, the United States passed the 18th Amendment. Prohibition became the law of the land. It lasted just 14 years. It wasn’t popular and it did not work. Many people felt that if you didn’t want to drink, no one was forcing you to do so. However, you did not have the right to restrict what others can do.

I cite this example because there are many elements in common with the Boundary County Library Board Recall that is underway. The recall supporters want a board that will follow their recommendations on what goes in the library. Never mind that no one is forcing this self-appointed group of “morality police” to read any of the books they want to put on the naughty list.

These Boundary County prohibitionists want to run your life and they want to tell you how to raise your children. The policy in question is reasonable. Just as our liquor laws have regulations in place, so does this policy. The policy allows choice. While one parent may want their child to read "Harry Potter," or "Huckleberry Finn," or the "Bluest Eye;" another may not. Fair library policies allow for choice. If you don’t like the choice, then don’t do it. If parents don’t want their child to read certain books, then communicate with your child and with the librarian.

Recalling four civic minded individuals who are working hard to ensure fairness and freedom of choice for all is divisive and brings us closer to authoritarianism. It’s wrong. Don’t sign the petition. Just say “No.”


Bonners Ferry

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