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From the Archives - June 30, 2022

| June 30, 2022 1:00 AM

Ethel Bowlsby Williams married Louis John Boucher in 1934. They lived in Moravia and later settled in the Naples area. Before her marriage, Ethel, a poet, had a book of poetry published, “Montana in Verse.” She was a member of the Naples Ladies Aid and the World War I Veterans Auxiliary. Here is one of her poems.

The Lowly Treasure

Of all the handy gadgets that grace the life of men

Is the ever present article, the lowly coffee can;

It's ideal for storing food-stuff, safe from the rats and mice;

And keep flavor and aroma in every kind of spice.

Or use it for a water mug to quench a burning thirst;

So of all the make-do things the coffee can comes first.

If you-re out a-camping and forgot to bring a pail

Use an empty coffee can, with a wire for a bail.

If you want to boil some spuds or even milk a cow,

There's no shopping in the woodsy, it's the coffee can and now.

And when the picnic's over, your treasure you must ban,

Do it all more joyfully with a game of "kick the can." — Ethel Boucher

From “History of Boundary County, Idaho Vol. 1”

This coffee can may not have had quite an exciting life as the poem portrays, however, you can see it in your museum's collection.

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