Saturday, May 28, 2022

Herndon is our best choice for North Idaho

| May 12, 2022 1:00 AM

I have evaluated both candidates for said position and our current incumbent, Mr. Woodward is undoubtedly a liberal plant. He may be a “nice guy” on the surface but we do not elect politicians on 'nice guy' we elect them to vote for the people in the best way. His voting record is on par with liberals in Boise and liberal transplants, do we really want someone who is voting for liberal ideas to represent US in North Idaho? I think not.

Scott Herndon has shown he is for America first policies which is what we all strive for, because if America is not first, we are last. He will stand up to the “good ole boy” club we have in Boise now, which Jim is a part of (with Sage Dixon) and protect our rights and our children which is our future.

Woodward voted with liberals to keep men in women's sports, he voted for critical race theory in our schools with liberals, he voted against banning vaccine requirements, again with liberals and Joe Biden’s agenda, he even attempted to get insurance companies to provide 12 months of mandated birth control, again siding with Democrats. In fact he is a Democrat at this point which is why he has no real solid challenger from that side, he is the Democrat in RINO clothing.

Nice guy image, put aside, we look at their voting records and this guy stinks to high heaven of liberal. Sorry Jim, please run as a Democrat since you vote like them.

Scott Herndon will not vote like this, vote for him on May 17.


Bonners Ferry