Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Claims of corruption not backed by facts

| October 13, 2022 1:00 AM

The following statement was read at Monday night’s Boundary County Republican Central Committee meeting by vice chairman Les Pinkerton.

Recently an elected member of this committee publicly stated: “I have noticed the “write in Tim Bertling” signs all over the county. One thing that I noticed, is that most of the signs are placed on the properties of people who are members of the corrupt families that have been running this county for years. These families are petrified that they are going to lose control of this county.”

Many of the “write-in Tim Bertling” signs are on first generation family property, and like me, these people are also disgusted with the hate that has poured into the county and are displaying their indignation.

For generations this community has selected by vote, individuals to help serve this wonderful county. Simply put, these individuals stepped forward to take these positions because they belonged to this community and they believe in giving back.

The “members of the corrupt families” comment is not righteous. This is about catch-phrasing, condemnation and slanderous comments used by this member to further sensationalize their movement.

I normally would not waste my time addressing such imprudent comments, but in this case these comments reflect negatively on this Community, this Committee and my family.

If there was any validity to the corruption, the evidence would already be public.


Bonners Ferry

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