Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Fioravanti brings a fresh outlook to Boundary County

| October 20, 2022 1:00 AM

Steve Fioravanti has a fresh outlook on how to best serve the people of Boundary County. He is eager to listen to his constituents and to find new ways of taking citizens’ needs, suggestions and ideas under consideration.

He is willing to make it easier for citizens to participate in local government. He knows an informed citizenry is crucial to keeping a republic. He is receptive to opening channels of communication with his constituents.

One idea he might consider is how to make it easier for working citizens to attend commissioner meetings in order to quickly obtain critical information, rather than taking up their whole day when they need to get back to their jobs.

He would also be willing to start the process of bringing Planning and Zoning functions back to Boundary County, rather than letting people in another county decide what Boundary County citizens can, and cannot, do.  

Fioravanti realizes that some problems will not have easy solutions, but he isn’t apathetic. He won’t take the easy way out. His outlook is a breath of fresh air. I, for one, am excited by his candidacy, and I will be voting for Steve Fioravanti on Nov. 8.


Bonners Ferry

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