Saturday, December 02, 2023

It's Boise and the people we send there

| October 20, 2022 1:00 AM

Just watched Steve Fioravanti YouTube video. One of his concerns as commissioner is the plexiglass? Wonder what his thoughts are on the wall-to-wall Bonners Ferry City Hall bomb blast “glass” are. Or the folks that still wear masks? Will he demand they remove them? Mock them?

Then there is the ARPA money. Recently, commissioners used our federal tax dollars to purchase items for a privately owned and operated company, contracted by the county to provide ambulance service. Of course, we could have held another election (money) and raised the levy rate from 0.04 to 0.06 and made local property owners pay. Is this the course the new commissioners would prefer?

Lastly, the county budget. It’s Boise. It’s Boise. It’s Boise. It’s Boise which makes the laws the county must follow. County employees have tirelessly made “do” to make ends “meet.” It’s Boise which makes the tax rules the assessor must follow. It’s Boise which can come in and demand that property valuations be “re-examined.” It’s Boise which refuses to fund schools … oh wait, Boise just used federal (our) monies to placate “Idahoans.” It’s Boise which will not tackle property tax inequities. After all why kill the Golden Goose? It’s Boise, it’s Boise, it’s Boise … and it’s the people you send to Boise.


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