Friday, September 30, 2022

Debate is parental rights issue, not library books

| September 1, 2022 1:00 AM

Please, let us be honest about the Boundary County Library director resigning … it was not about "extremists" or books. It was about how her management of the institution highly elevated the risk of adverse claims against their insurance.

As for the "those books aren't even on the shelves yet," perhaps the newspaper would be better off investigating the unilateral decision made by the director to join the American Library Association — the organization behind the effort to put books full of debased sexual practices and instructions in the eyes of our children. In particular, the organization is against utilizing concepts that would protect our children (high shelves, librarian or parental permission, and "adult room," etc).

It's clear that they are trying to expose our kids to smut rather than agree with the majority opinion of our community and let such "education" be left in the hands of the parents — this is a parental rights issue. You're not against that, are you? (And no, according to federal and state statute, nobody has the right to do these things. This is not about representing everybody's rights equally. Be honest about it … you know what's going on here.)


Bonners Ferry

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