Monday, October 02, 2023

Write-in Tim Bertling for county commissioner

| September 8, 2022 1:00 AM

As a 61-year resident of Boundary County, I have always been proud of my community. Recently, I have been saddened by disruptive and even intimidating behavior that is hateful. This has no place in my community.

We are a diverse community in many ways, neighbors contributing their various gifts and strengths. When a need arises, we come together to lend a helping hand to an individual or family or initiate a program that fills that need. In other words, we come together simply as neighbors for the common good.

Some have the gift of leadership and give of their time and talents to serve on boards. They need and deserve our support and appreciation for their dedication. Our elected officials also spend countless hours well beyond time at monthly or weekly meetings on our behalf. We should support them as well and also hold them accountable for managing our community for our best interests.

It is a right and privilege in this country to vote in elections but to be effective we must be educated about the issues and the candidates through accurate, truthful sources. I have made it a point to do just that about county commissioner write-in candidate Tim Bertling. Having done so, I am confident he is the best person to serve my community and I will be casting my vote for him in the next election.


Bonners Ferry

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