Friday, September 30, 2022

Tuesday’s Trouble finishes first week of bowling

| September 22, 2022 1:00 AM

Sheila Benson got the high scratch game 170 and high scratch series 470. Carolyn McNeil got second high scratch game 166 and third high scratch series 391. Regina Colby got third high scratch game 379. DaVonna Cada got second high scratch series 397. Tuesday trouble doesn’t establish their handicap until they’ve bowled six weeks.

Team 2 (Donna Lunsford, Sheila Benson and Lil Jimenez) got high scratch game 418, high scratch series 1172, third high handicap game 629 and second high handicap series 1805. Team 4 (Alice VanGundy, Michelle Sweet and Donna Kent) got second high scratch game 377, second high scratch series 1044, second high handicap game 631 and high handicap series 1806.

Team 6 (Zetta Graupner, Donna Nystrom, Kathy Konek) got third high scratch game 362, high handicap game 641 and tied for third high handicap series 1804. Team 3 (Evelyn Smith, Carolyn McNeill and Denise Crichton) got third high scratch series 1029. Team 1 (DaVonna Cada, Nina Saunders and Gail Thompson) tied for third high handicap series 1804.

Shiela Benson got a four bagger,Carolyn McNeill got a turkey. Doubles were bowled by Denise Crichton and Alice VanGundy.

Splits were converted by Gail Thompson and Michelle Sweet the 4-10 and Nina Saunder and Regina Colby the 3-10, Evelyn Smith the 7-8 and Kathy Konak 2-7.

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